Deployment Services

Correct deployment of a solution is critical to its success. With the complexity of solutions, the integral way in which different components interact, and the impact they can have on other systems, it is vital to ensure that solutions are installed and configured using appropriate best practices.

Network Synergy specialises in deploying solutions using current best practices. As technology evolves a new approaches are developed, standard best practices continually change to meet these new methods. Network Synergy works closely with vendors to ensure that any project we deploy adheres to the latest best practice. We understand that following best practices to the letter is not always practical or financially viable. When this does occur, we make it a point to explain the variation from best practices and the possible risks associated with it.

Network Synergy is your best approach to deploying solutions. Most of our deployment services are provided on a project basis. We take the proposed solution, build a deployment schedule, provide and manage the resources to ensure your project is delivered for the best possible outcome. Essentially, we take your promises and help to keep them.

Obviously there is a great deal more to deployment services so contact us to see how we can assist you further.