Environmental Monitoring

Environmental Monitoring is often the component of a computer room or data centre which lacks design and purpose. With the increase in rack densities, blade servers and virtualisation, monitoring of the datacentre environmental conditions is even more important and more critical then ever before.

Network Synergy specialises in providing environmental monitoring using APC's Netbotz range of products and technologies. As part of our relationship with APC, we are an APC authorised service agent for the Netbotz product range.

Using the APC product range we can consult design, install and provide ongoing services around ensuring your datacentre environmental conditions are within best practices.

The APC Netbotz range allows for monitoring a range of elements in the data centre including temperature, humidity, leak detection, dust particles, dry contact inputs and other SNMP capable devices. Extensive configurable alerts allows for notification of problems within the data centre. Our relationship with APC means we are the most experienced company in Australia when it comes to deploying large systems based on the Netbotz solution.