Scheduled Dates

  • Brocade SAN Courses
Course Date Location
BASA 200Sep 11-14AucklandRegister
Nov 20-23MelbourneScheduled
BPSA 3002018 Email us to express your interest
BNA 200 SANOct 23-24VirtualScheduled
SAN TS 300August 7-9VirtualRegister
  • Brocade Software Networking Courses
Course Date Location Status
NFV 200Sep 6-8VirtualScheduled
VADC 200Nov 13-16VirtualScheduled
  • Brocade Ethernet Courses
Course Date Location Status
NIP 200Aug 28-30VLTRegister
BPIPA 200October 9-12MelbourneRegister
BNA 200 IPSeptember 18-20VLTScheduled
BGP 400September 4-5VLTScheduled
MPLS 4002018email us to express interest
MPLS-TE 450December 7-8VLTScheduled
IP TS 300September 25-27VLTScheduled
  • Brocade Ethernet Fabric Courses
Course Date Location Status
EFF 200Oct 16-18VLTScheduled
EFSA 300August 1-3VLTRegister
EFIPA300October 30-Nov 1VLTScheduled

Course dates are scheduled according to demand and are subject to change.
Please register in order to be notified of any changes.

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